I want to draw a distinction between the Visi language and the Visi.Pro platform.

The Visi language is an open source, MPL 1.1 licensed, collection of software and other intellectual property (documentation, etc.)  While I, David Pollak, am the only one currently working on Visi, I welcome contributions from others.  I am focusing my efforts on making Visi work well on iOS, Mac OS X, and in non-GUI mode on Linux.  I am doing this because I intend to build a tablet/cloud business with Visi.Pro (which I'll get to in a minute).  I have spoken with folks from ThoughtWorks who think Visi would make a great web development platform.  I agree and if these folks want to contribute to Visi or fork Visi and do a web platform based on it, very, very cool.  If folks want to do an Android version or a Windows version or any other version of Visi, I wholeheartedly support the efforts.  Why?  Because the value of a computer language is based on the network of users that know how to program in it.  I want to make Visi as ubiquitous as Excel.  I want every B-school student to think in Visi.  I want to see a sea of former PHP developers coding in Visi.  I aim to make Visi bigger than Java, bigger than PHP, bigger than any computer language, ever (yeah, I'm not being modest here.)

Visi.Pro is a commercial venture based on the Visi language.  It is the thing that will ultimately help fund Visi development but also give folks a way to use Visi applications on this iOS and OS X machines, but to have a seamless cloud component to their applications.  One of the attributes of the Visi language is that it supports a migratory locus of computing.  You can move the computation around to suit the current data locus and other factors (thanks Ian Clark for the idea.)  Visi.Pro is a focused venture based on enabling a particular class of users who use a particular class of devices to do beautiful and amazing things.  I will gladly discuss my choice of platform with potential investors and potential large-scale customers and with Apple, whose blessing Visi.Pro will need to succeed on iOS.

As we discuss Visi, you all will know that I have commercial motivations for my contributions to Visi.  But my contributions will hopefully not be the sole and exclusive contributions to Visi.  If you have a hankering for making Visi run on your platform of choice, be it open or not, please join the discussion, please contribute code, please make Visi more than I can ever make it by myself.